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Microblading Brows

What is it? 

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique which creates the appearance of hairstrokes for clients who are looking for a new shape or to fill in their existing brows. 

The procedure is performed with a manual hand tool called a microblade. This allows the pigment to be implanted superficially into the skin, creating fine crisp hairstrokes for a realistic brow effect.


How does it differ from the traditional semi-permanent technique? 

The consultation, procedure and aftercare are very similar for both techniques. The main difference being Microblading is manual and Semi-Permanent is digital, which enables the technician to create different effects at different depths of the skin. 

Microblading implants the pigment more superficially into the skin which allows the hairstrokes to remain much more crisp even once healed. 

Microblading is recommended for clients looking for the most subtle natural look. It lasts around 9-12 months depending on the clients skin type, colour chosen and sun exposure. A colour boost is recommended at this time.